The new platform for online payments

The MyBank Solution

MyBank is an e-authorisation solution which enables safe digital payments and identity authentication through a consumer’s own online banking portal or mobile application.

It was developed by PRETA S.A.S., a fully owned subsidiary of EBA CLEARING, the provider of pan-European payment infrastructure solutions currently owned by 53 shareholder banks.

By allowing on-line e-Payments using banking payment systems (OBeP Online Banking e-Payments) in an easy and secure way, MyBank represents a clear example of payment systems innovation and usage of SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) standards, answering to e-Commerce development needs, in the interest of merchants and consumers:

  • It eliminates the need to collect and store personal data, by creating a direct link between a customer’s online bank account and the online business’s bank;
  • It assures protection of customer identity and confidential data;
  • It reduces the risk of fraud and charge-backs, through immediate authorization of payments.

CWBI MyBank Payments Platform

CWBI, service provider certified by PRETA S.A.S. for the provision of software and consulting services regarding the MyBank authorization protocol, developed its own solution named CWBI MyBank Payments Platform, on which the following tools are available and certified for both components, Routing Service and Validation Service: SCT01 (W1-04/2013), SDD01/02 (P1-01/2014), SBB01 (P1-01/2015).

MyBank Payments Platform is a modular product, born to support the distribution of Routing Services for the merchants and Validation Services for the buyer banks.

In addition, CWBI supplies a range of plugins to simplify the integration with the most common e-Commerce systems, and offers value-added features like Reconciliation, Multichannel (available on Tablet/Mobile channels), Wallet-A, @POS integration.

Always focused towards new business models and opportunities offered by the new technologies, CWBI provides a merchant solution named MyBank for Mobile, capable of transforming every smartphone/tablet into a POS terminal (smartphone as a POS), a strategic solution for positioning in what will be the future of mobile payments.

How does it work?


MyBank SCT01 Core Routing Service, designed according to the specifications defined by PRETA S.A.S., allows the merchant/creditor authentication and the forwarding of the authorization requests from the merchant/creditor to the buyer’s Validation Service bank.

  • e-Authorization Protocol compliant, from Initiating Party/Merchant to Validation Service;
  • Directory Service integration;
  • Merchant database management and/or integration with the bank’s legacy system;
  • Transaction’s payment flow monitoring (reporting, reconciliations);
  • Exceptions reporting system;
  • Fraud analysis system integration;
  • Statistics reports;
  • Service charging support.


MyBank SCT01 Core Validation Service, designed according to the specifications defined by PRETA S.A.S., processes payment authorization requests received by the Routing Service and integrates with the bank’s Home Banking services:

  • e-Authorization Protocol compliant, in conversation with Routing Services;
  • Directory Service integration;
  • Authorizations monitoring;
  • Fraud analysis system integration;
  • Exceptions reporting system;
  • Internet Banking integration;
  • Statistics reports.


The Merchants Solution represents an interface to be provided to merchants to facilitate the integration of their e-Commerce sites, using guides and explanatory examples:

  • Full support for the main e-Commerce systems (Magento, Zen Cart, Shopify, etc.);
  • Easy integration;
  • Authorizations monitoring, with transactions analytical view;
  • Transaction inspection dashboard;
  • Reports and complaints management (ref. ISO 10002 guidelines);
  • Transaction requests geolocation;
  • Smartphone as POS solution available on both Smartphone and Tablet.

The MyBank Payments Platform can be delivered as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and includes the software license, the infrastructure designed to host the platform, and support services.

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