The national debt circuit

The PagoBANCOMAT Circuit

The PagoBancomat is national debt circuit that allows an accountholder to make purchases of goods and services at participating stores that display the PagoBANCOMAT® mark.

Each transaction is being charged simultaneously to the holder’s account, without any additional cost to the purchase made.

CWBI PagoBancomatWeb Solution

For the PagoBancomatWeb pilot phase, a service offered by the Bancomat Consortium, CWBI has released a solution that allows buyers to make payments using this new protocol.

The operation does not require entering the identification number of the card or the online security codes. This means that once the web function on the card is activated in the bank, the holder doesn’t need to enter the PIN anymore. At the time of purchase, they are redirected to the website of their bank which, after routine checks, grants the green light to the purchase.

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