For some time now, CWBI has been an accredited partner of MyBank in providing services to buyer banks (Validation Service) and merchant banks (Routing Service).

Recently, CWBI has been closely following the MyBank Identity Verificationservice, which will enable users to confirm their identity through their bank in order to purchase online or subscribe to digital services securely and reliably.

Online businesses today face the major challenge of verifying the identity of their users , in order to make a registration or comply with current regulations. The solutions currently used are often expensive and ineffective, or overly complex and laborious for the user.

The MyBank Identity Verification service, through controlled access to the user’s account, allows personal information to be authenticated in complete security, both for companies and for the user himself.

CWBI, in collaboration with MyBank and Signicat, has created a demo video that demonstrates the extreme simplicity and usefulness of this service.