CWBI EBICS Connector

EBICS Connector

CWBI‘s offerings today also include theEBICS communication gateway.

EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) is an interbank protocol, which is already used in European countries such as France, Germany, Austria, etc…

EBICS enables the exchange of data files regardless of standards and message formats, uses an established digital signature procedures encryption .EBICS functions are based on international standards, e.g., XML, HTTPS, TLS and SSL.
Finally, EBICS contains capabilities for multiple banks, which allows corporate clients, in countries that have adopted EBICS, to transact with any bank using the same software.

We offer theEBICS Connector solution for EBA Clearing’s SCT Inst module. In fact, CWBI, already involved as the first provider capable of implementing a solution for the exchange of SCT Inst messages over the EBICS network, proposes its own modular solution intended for PSPs that intend to use this network for message exchange.

The proposed solution includes the ability to integrate into any customer architecture, using HTTP (REST) and/or Code MQ protocols for message exchange.

Soon CWBI will go on to extend the EBICS solution for communication with other systems.

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