SEDA, SEPA-compliant Electronic Database Alignment, is an optional add-on service to SEPA Direct Debit Schemes with which it is intended to transpose into SEPA standards the AEA (Electronic Archive Alignment) functionality present today in the national RID service.

Two modules, two effective solutions !


Management of the “basic module” service, set up on the CMF (Creditor Mandate Flow) model, allows the payee to direct requests referring to a mandate (new subscriptions, changes, cancellations) to the Paying Bank via an alignment bank.

The solution provides all the necessary tools for banks in the two different roles.

  • ISO20022 XML interbank message processing.
  • Integration with CBI service provided by the aligning bank
  • Channeling of messages according to routing rules
  • Application of routing services for “category” banks or bank groups
  • Integration with partitarians involved in the validation phase of mandate data and collection accounting
  • Historization of messages related to a mandate (Pain.009, Pain.010, Pain.011, Pain.012)with view of chronological events
  • Intuitive web-based front-end for browsing and searching incoming/outgoing messaging, with exposure of the original XML message
  • Control of claimed charges
  • XML<->Flat File conversion module, according to proprietary Bank specifications
  • Online web-service services to facilitate the development of e-Mandate services


The “advanced module” service, set up on the DMF (Debtor Mandate Flow) model, allows the Payer to direct to the Beneficiary, through its own bank and through the Beneficiary’s alignment bank, requests referring to the mandate (new subscriptions, changes, cancellations) given by its Paying customer.

The solution offers all the necessary functionality for banks wishing to join this optional service.

In the advanced module, in addition to the functionality included in the basic model, there are:

  • Online, web-service services to implement the multichannel functionality used today for RID Mandates
  • Front-end for consulting messages received and responses provided, responses that can be reprocessed online at the initiative of the back office operator
  • Computation of fees in favor of the payer’s bank
  • Collection generation for collection of fees in favor of the payer’s bank
  • Optional services to support accounting processes


  • Management of dedicated procedural master records, CRI and SED, according to the SITRAD standard
  • Integration with systems already present in the bank’s information system, dedicated to the registration of Warrants
  • For CMs, traffic pricing and suspended management.

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