CWBI is also leading the way on the Instant Payments front by proposing
its own platform based on the SCT Inst standard published in April
2016 by EPC (European Payments Council).
The elements on which SCT Inst is based are:

Immediate availability of the amount to the beneficiary (< 10 sec.)
Transactions in euros for a maximum amount of
Always available (24x7x365)
european-unionTransactions will be possible in the
34 European states of the SEPA area

Already since November 2017, EBA Clearing has been making the RT1 system based on the EPC SCT Inst specification (

CWBI, official Frontrunner for EBA CLEARING’s RT1 solution.

CWBI, as Frontrunner Service Provider of EBAClearing’s RT1 system (, offers its already certified solution that enables certificate Banks to join the innovative new service of SCT Inst – Instant Payment. Our solution dialogues with both the SIANet network and the EBICS network, for which it has obtained certification to the product.

Why use CWBI’s solution ?

The added value of CWBI’s solution is represented by:

  • Time to Market: the platform leverages CWBI’s experience over the years as a Service Provider of banking systems and services;
  • Reduced integration costs:the CWBI platform is designed to minimize integration costs with Bank systems by offering different communication protocols to and from the platform and Bank services;
  • Modular solution: the CWBI platform is based on a modular structure that allows it to adapt nimbly to Bank needs and future evolutions of Instant Payments systems;
  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) ridotto: the CWBI solution is based on a Java JEE architecture and open-source software solutions;
  • High performance:high performance in message exchange;
  • Multigateway SIANet e EBICS: the CWBI platform supports all communication channels currently supported by the RT1 system, SIANet and EBICS;


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